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Тechnical documentation is very different from common texts. Not only does technical translation require some language skills, but also good knowledge of technical questions. A translator should understand how this piece of equipment works, otherwise the translation will contain guesswork rather than facts.

Most translation bureaus and agencies offer translation of texts on any subject. But the fact is that they usually hire translators with linguistic education since it is physically impossible to have specialists in any field. This results in grammatically correct but very awkward translations that are either not exact or do not make sense. Some agencies try to solve this problem by searching for necessary specialists on the Internet. However, if the staff at the head office is ignorant of technical matters and can not control quality, the result will not be much better. Operating manuals and advertising materials written in broken Russian are surely not conducive to good sales on the Russian market.

We have a different approach to the problem. We do not translate everything and specialize in a rather narrow field. Our translations are done by professional engineers that have practical experience in what your text is about. If a text is translated from Russian, it is edited by a professional linguist. This style of work helps to avoid most typical mistakes, both technical and linguistic. Our team has many years of experience in working with the most sophisticated technical texts and we hope that you will appreciate the quality of our services.

We translate documents on the following subjects:

Programmable logic controllers and process control systems

Power electronics and electric drives

Electronic components and schematics

Measurement instrumentation

Microprocessors and digital signal processing

Power facilities, relay protection and substation automation

Our specialists can also write articles and reviews on a specific subject, localize your web-site, print your brochures and so on.  More details about our services you can read on page our services.

We do not translate 1000 pages a week. We do not take up ALL kinds of translations, from petrochemistry to astronomy. We do not translate into Swahili. But WE ARE EXPERTS in what we offer to our Customers.



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