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SPIK SZMA JSC. - production of electric drives TOSHIBA in Russia, St.Peterspurg. Website: www.szma.ru.

ABB Ltd. - central branch office of ABB in Russian Federation, Moscow. Website: www.abb.ru.

VNIIR JSC. - An ABS Holdings company, Cheboksary. Website: www.vniir.com.

Matic-Electro Ltd. - reactive power compensation and FACTS solutions, Moscow. Website: www.matic.ru.

WEG - lading manufacturer of electric motors and drives in Southern America, Jaragua-do-Sul, Brazil. Website: www.weg.com.br.

DIMAT ZIV. - leading manufacturer of relay protection equipment in Spain, one of the main participants in development of IEC61850 Standard. Website: www.dimat.com.

We do not translate 1000 pages a week. We do not take up ALL kinds of translations, from petrochemistry to astronomy. We do not translate into Swahili. But WE ARE EXPERTS in what we offer to our Customers.



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